Saturday, 31 May 2014

Souvenir Handmade

One of the best things about having a store is being able to choose who you do business with. There’s no nicer and talented girl around than Rikki McDougall,founder and creator of Souvenier. A jewelry line that features,a mix of vintage spoons ,organic material and Rikki’s own nature based illustrations.

What made you start your own business? How did you get started? 
It wasn't ever something I consciously set out to do, it's just something that happened organically. I started making my spoon pendant necklaces for family and friends as gifts. Through word of mouth I started to make sales and it just grew and grew. The next thing I knew I was expanding my line, taking part in local craft sales and soon after that selling in local Winnipeg stores and a few stores in Vancouver as well. 

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve designed?

I love my wheat spoon necklace. Wheat stalks are such a prairie icon, and the necklace goes with pretty much everything!

Where does your inspiration come from? 
My girlfriends mostly. I try and design things that I imagine they would want to wear.I also get really inspired by flea markets or antique stores. It's where I head to if I'm ever feeling stuck for ideas. I love being in amongst piles of forgotten objects- things with a history.I feel really connected to items of the past and enjoy thinking of ways to make them relevant today.
Who are some of your favorite designers?
I have two jewelry designers I love. I am a fan of Erica Weiner. She uses a lot of antique trinkets like old love tokens, and tiny pocket knives. Her jewelry has a sense of humour but still remains cool which I really admire. I also like the dark occult vibe of Pamela Love's jewelry. I would love to own one of her crow skull pendants! 
Whats next for you? 
I have been toying with the idea of taking a silversmithing class. I would love to learn another aspect of jewelry making...I think it could only help take my line further and add a whole other layer to my designs.
What advice would you give to aspiring designers?
My advice would be to create what you really love, and be true to what comes natural to you, while maintaining an openess to new ideas.Listen to what people are asking for...there might be some good ideas in there! Think about how you can put your twist on the trends and make it your own, or better yet-start your own trends.
3 things on your wish list for the holidays are...
For the holidays, I'm asking santa for a great new pair of vintage brown tall boots, an awesome tweed long blazer like the one I saw in Out of the Blue, and....maybe a new muffler for my car! Its starting to sound pretty loud these days! Haha 
Thanks Rikki,hope santa is good to you!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Blue Jean Baby

There is something about spring that makes you want to brush off your favourite denim, isn't there?

Maybe it's the nice contrast of blue jeans against green grass.

Warm sunshine is certainly a reason to dig up those jean shorts - or invest in some new ones!

[Side note: shorts are available on our website,]

Currently we are loving these high-waisted dark-wash beauties. 

They are waayy comfy, and they stretch with you as you move, but they don't bag out or lose shape!

Paired with another spring staple...


We love the floral print on this chambray button-down!

Chambray + denim = crisp & lovely.

Ah yes, this is an outfit that will pair perfectly with all the greenery this spring/summer.

Feeling that freshly cut grass under your toes yet?

If you're not one for the tucked-in look, try wearing the blouse open over a white tank or tee!

Of course, us prairie folks are still enduring some cooler, rainy days...

No worries, though. We've got long denim for you, too!

Yep, these babies are our go-to blue jeans.

They are SO comfy and go with just about anything.

Many a staffer at Out of the Blue swears by this denim, and many a customer, too!

Perfect pairing for our favourite blue jeans?  This loose, pleated top & slouchy blazer!

Another colour that looks great with green grass :)


When you've got a skinny jean, it can be nice to do a loose shape on top for balance.

And a bright, cheerful print helps break up all the blue!

Flowers for spring, naturally!

Slouchy blazer + loose printed top + skinny blue jeans = boho, sophisticated, & fun!

So there you have it! Our most jeanius ideas on doing denim this spring.

So break out those blue jeans, baby ;) 


The Out of the Blue gals.

Blog post by Jessica C

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Spring Layers

What do you do when you are all set for spring but the weather apparently is not?

This layered look features our lace crewneck sweater (now on sale!), bamboo tights, and more
You layer up!

We've put together some key pieces to accommodate Winnipeg's transitional weather, starting with our crewneck lace sweater.

This sweater is now a sweet sale item! 

Was $59.99

Now $44.99 !!

Below we paired it with a lace bralette...

Buy this sweater on our website here

But if you're extra chilly, layer it with a longsleeve!

Pretty crochet!

Paired with these super-comfy denim shorts:

Loving the denim-and-cream-crochet combo!

Since it's still chilly out there, we suggest layering your shorts over our bamboo tights!

For sale on our website

We added some colour with a floral scarf and embraced our bohemian side with a tooled leather belt & vegan leather satchel!

So there you have it!  Great long-sleeve pieces like our crochet sweater (for sale on our website) and some spring layering will keep you cozy while still looking cool and fresh!

Take care & stay warm!


the Out of the Blue gals.

Blog post by Jessica C

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Celebrating Moms Everywhere!

Aren't Moms swell  :)   We sure think so!

Love your dress, mom! 

In the spirit of celebrating Moms everywhere, we are bringing back our Mother's Day contest from last year!

Mother's Day is May 11th, and we are giving you a  chance to win a $100 prize package for your fabulous Mom!

The contest is easy as pie & will occur via Facebook & Instagram:

Enter on Facebook:
 Visit us at Out Of The Blue (Frockstar) Clothing and send us a message with a picture of you & your lovely Mom, and, if you desire, share a story or memory or just a reason why your Mom is great!  You can also upload your photo right to Facebook and tag us as "Ootb Frockstar".

Enter on Instagram:
Upload your photo with the hashtag #ootbmom . That's all there is to it!

Submissions are due by May 8th!

We will share your submissions in a photo album devoted to your amazing moms.

We will only choose one winner - though we do think all the Moms out there deserve a super-special Mother's Day!


The Out Of The Blue gals.

Blog post by Jessica C

Friday, 24 January 2014

Pop Nuit 2014

We are so excited to be one of the sponsors for Pop Nuit, Winnipeg's alterna-pop music festival!

Part of the New Music Festival, Pop Nuit celebrates Canadian pop musicians who continue to break boundaries & create new, exciting sounds. 

Plus, there are some great local acts appearing again this year!

Clockwise from top left: Colin Stetson, Venetian Snares, Hannah Epperson, Mahogany Frog.

Four performers, two events:

Pop Nuit 1 - both local acts!
Saturday, January 25th (tomorrow!)
Union Sound Hall
Venetian Snares
Mahogany Frog

Pop Nuit 2
Friday, January 31st
Millenium Centre
Colin Stetson 
Hannah Epperson

Read more about these great Canadian pop performers here.

These will be shows you won't want to miss.  Hope to see you there!

Blog post by Jessica C

Monday, 20 January 2014

Romeo + Juliet - Win a Pair of Tickets!

We here at Out of the Blue are excited to announce a special (and local!) contest in partnership with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Amanda Green and Liang Xing in Romeo + Juliet
Photo: Rejean Brandt

We are teaming up with the RWB to award you with a pair of tickets to see Romeo & Juliet!!

Out of the Blue on Facebook

If you've visited us or browsed the Village this past week, you may have noticed beautiful ballet costumes in our windows!  We're so thrilled to have these amazing pieces on display.

Amanda Green and Liang Xing in Romeo + Juliet
Photo: Rejean Brandt

The contest is simple: swing by the store, fill out a ballot and you could win 2 tickets to see R + J !
Check out the dancers' dazzling costumes:

Photo by Bruce Monk

Talk about  (really)vintage-inspired garments! This ballet's style is right up our alley.

Praise for R + J:

"Romeo and Juliet leaves you longing for a few more pages of music and another lovers' pas de deux."

-The Winnipeg Sun

This ballet adaptation of the timeless tale first premiered on the Royal Winnipeg Ballet stage on September 30th, 1981 (RWB's blog will tell you all about it).  23 years later, R + J are back! 

Note: the pink dress on the far left is not a ballet costume; it's one of our dresses!  It is definitely ballerina-inspired, and would be a sweet outfit to wear to R + J or on your Valentine's Day date!

Romeo + Juliet plays at the Centennial Concert Hall February 12-16. 

Amanda Green and Liang Xing in Romeo + Juliet
Photo: Rejean Brandt

How great is it that we live in a city where we can see a classic Shakespearean tragic love story set to music and transformed by a professional ballet company? 

Being a Winnipegger can be pretty great.

Come on down and see us to win your free tickets to R + J!

Friday, 20 December 2013

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

Out of the Blue gave to you... 

(sung) Fiiiiiiiiive sterling riiiiiiings!!

Okay, I know in the song it's "five golden rings," but we had to put our own little twist on it.  Plus, we just got three new lovely sterling rings in yesterday!

(from left to right, top to bottom) 

1.  Laurier Leaf Ring - these delicate silver leaves will be the perfect addition to your holiday manicure. Simple & delicate - and a great accessory to a formal outfit! $29.99

2. Green Semiprecious Stone Sterling Ring - We love how this bold pop of green stands out in an outfit (plus, it's festive!).  $39.99

3. Triple Sterling Ring Set.  Whether you wear them together or split 'em up, we think you'll love these simple-yet-pretty pieces. $49.99 for the set of three

Annnd, since the last three rings pictured above are sold as a set, we've got two more for you: 

(from top to bottom)

4.  Snake ring:  this little guy is so detailed, he's even got etched-silver scales! Coil it up on your finger for an edgy look.  $29.99.

5. Roman Numeral Ring: I love how the numerals stand out against this ring's pewter-coloured background.  Plus, sometimes it's nice to switch up your dainty jewelry for something chunkier! It would also make a great gift for the Roman-history-buff on your list.  $29.99 

That's it, folks!  Stay tuned as the countdown continues!! 

Keep merry, and keep on decking those halls,


Blog post by Jessica C